Elkhart residents have long been known for their entrepreneurial spirit. That spirit has helped to energize the local economy and continues to demand growth and revitalization.

In today’s economy, municipalities are not just competing to attract businesses. They are competing to attract people. Young adults are looking to put down roots in cities that have both job opportunities and lifestyle opportunities. Amenities such as a thriving cultural scene, a robust parks system and a diverse housing portfolio can not only aid in attracting business investment, but also personal investment.

Today, with the Lerner Theatre as its anchor, downtown Elkhart is as active and vibrant as ever! In fact, the revitalization of downtown has been so successful that community leaders are now taking this model citywide.

Together, we can help promote long-term community growth and strengthen civic pride for those Living in the COE!


Our vision is to create a better Elkhart.

How will we do this? By using the TIF model. A business tax incentive program that has helped municipalities across the country create thriving communities.