Sneak Peek: What’s next for Cassopolis Street?

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  • February Mon, 2017

Cassopolis TIF Project Updates


Here are some updates on what’s in store for Cassopolis Street in 2017.

Cassopolis – west side:

We are working with Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG) to make sidewalk and pedestrian improvements including landscaping, adding sidewalks along the west side of Cassopolis, adding pedestrian crossing islands, and possibly adding signals at multiple intersections.

Cassopolis St West Side

Cassopolis – east side:

There are several places along the east side of Cassopolis that do not have sidewalks. We are currently designing the sidewalks that will fill in those gaps.

Cassopolis St East Side

Cassopolis – north:


We are working with a consultant to see what aesthetic improvements we can make to the Toll Road overpass to reflect Exit 92 as a destination spot.


We are also working with a consultant to look at ways we can improve the pedestrian experience from Windsor Ave. to C.R. 4.

Cassopolis St - Windsor Ave and Toll Road 2

North Pointe Plaza:

We working with a consultant to redesign the south end of North Pointe Plaza to add green space, sidewalks, lighting, and possibly an archway entrance.

North Pointe Plaza TIF

What is a TIF?


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