• Beardsley Ave

    Greenspace Primed For Redevelopment

The Beardsley Avenue corridor features one of the most unique and emerging neighborhoods in the city. Older spaces along the Avenue have been transformed into retail centers for antiques, furniture and gifts. A strong residential area anchors the southern part of the neighborhood while industrial development in located on the north. This neighborhood is a wonderful blend of old and new uses and is a true mixed-use community.

Redevelopment opportunities abound in this neighborhood. It is home to the former Bayer Corporation site, which is getting new life after private building demolitions cleared some of the acreage. Several reuses for the area are under investigation.

700 W. Beardsley Avenue was an abandoned; three-story factory built in 1889 and was crumbing following a fire the previous summer. City leaders and the Elkhart Redevelopment Commission took quick action by acquiring and demolishing the property. Plans to redevelop the site are underway.

The Ethos Science Center is a welcome addition to the area. The facility has acquired the former Bayer Office Building at the corner of Michigan and Mishwawaka Street. ETHOS is an acronym for Encouraging Technology & Hands-On Science. This one of a kind educational facility that provides children with opportunities to connect science to everyday life through problem-solving, discovery and critical thinking.

It’s core beliefs are:

Inquiry-based science provides the foundation for advancing STEM education.

STEM education is key to equipping our future workforce with 21st century skills.

Competent and confident teachers are necessary for effective STEM/Inquiry education.

Every child will find joy and inspiration when they are actively engaged in his or her own learning.

A community thrives when it collectively supports the positive growth and development of its children.