• Elkhart

    Open For Business

The Elkhart Municipal Airport is one of the busiest general aviation airports in Indiana.
Each day, airport staff handles 90-100 flights, including private, local, corporate and business flights.

The airport functions as a welcome center for corporate clients who are visiting to conduct business and is the front door for people considering Elkhart as a place where they want to invest.

The airport also serves an important role in the region’s logistics capabilities, moving products in and out on a daily basis and functioning as an engine for economic growth.

A recent study indicates the airport contributes nearly $200 million to the local economy each year and more than 1,500 people are employed locally due to its presence.

To further enhance the viability of the airport, city investments have been made in recent years to improve taxiways, extend the runway ramp for transient aircraft and renovate hangars for future lease.

Mayor Neese views the airport as both a catalyst for economic development and also a recreation space. As such, he has worked to bring a broader range of activities to the airport.

In 2016, the airport hosted a motorcycle safety program authorized by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles’, a radio controlled aircraft event, a fly-in drive-in movie night and even provided free flights for kids.

Activities such as these attract residents who may not otherwise utilize the facility and help showcase the invaluable asset the Elkhart Municipal Airport is to the community.